Muoversi in Campania's editorial staff produces dozens of newscasts every day, which are broadcast on many radio and tv stations all over the Campania region.

Thanks to the partnership with radio and tv, the service covers the entire territory of Campania region and provides transport and traffic information to all citizens.

In addition to newscasts, Muoversi in Campania realizes programs and insights on various arguments related to travel and transports: "Muoversi tra i Cantieri" (information on major roadworks), "Muoversi per Sport" (about sports events), "Consigli per Muoversi" (tips for a better travel), "Muoversi da Turisti" (about tourist destinations in Campania), "L'Arte di Muoversi" (on artistic sites), "Muoversi tra le News" (all around the world of mobility in Campania), "Muoversi Oltre" (a gaze beyond Campania) and "Muoversi senza Barriere" (on opportunities and news about disabled people).

Here below is the list of radio and tv stations broadcasting the Muoversi in Campania service.