"Moving in Campania" is a service of infomobility realized by the Campania Region and managed by ACaMIR - Campaign Mobility, Infrastructure and Networks Agency, in collaboration with Agenzia Radio Traffic.

The service is a fundamental daily consultation tool for managing extraordinary events And emergencies with impact on mobility. The primary objective of "Moving in Campania" is, in fact, to provide all the information in real time to the user Concerning possible variations, disruption and disturbances of the regional transport system, In order to allow users to effectively plan their trip. The editorial office of Moving, In fact, it detects, collects, processes and distributes news on urban and extra-urban traffic, On public transport on rubber and iron, and on sea and air links.

Collecting data and information is possible thanks to a network of connections with the different Subjects present in the area involved in mobility and with local public transport operators. Collected information is processed and validated by the Service Center that delivers them using all of them Available distribution channels: radio and television news, internet site and facebook profile.


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